Ready To Take Your Performance To The Next Level?

The principles from Juggling Elephants form the framework for dramatic improvement in the areas of time management, productivity, and work life satisfaction. Our coaching services help you more fully apply these ideas to your specific situation. With over two decades of working with individuals struggling with too much to do, we’ve dealt with a lot of elephants!

How It Works

  • We work with you to design a coaching plan that addresses your immediate challenges and long-term goals related to time management, productivity, and/or work life satisfaction.

  • Monthly sessions include training related to one of the six key areas (see below), review of your progress from the previous session, and application steps to further enhance your ability to integrate these practices into your daily or weekly schedule.


The Six Sessions

Session 1: Identifying Your Elephants And Establishing Goals For Improvement

Session 2: Becoming A Better Ringmaster Of Your Circus

Session 2: Developing An Effective Daily And Weekly Lineup

Session 4: Keeping Your Spotlight On The Main Acts (Focus)

Session 5: Managing The Work Of Your Performers

Session 6: Sustaining Your Performance With Intermissions


Ready To Learn More?

If you are serious about improving your time management skills, increasing your productivity, and finding a higher level of work life satisfaction, our coaching services are a perfect next step. Using our methodology and applications, you’ll soon be getting more standing ovations from everyone in your circus audience… especially yourself!

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