Back To School Checklist (65K)

If you find yourself juggling too many elephants once the school year starts, try some of these strategies to keep your circus in order this Fall.

Four Steps To A Winning Lineup (48K)

Use this guide to help you create a daily or weekly plan that gets your most important things done.Perfect for use with the 3 rings worksheet.

Three Rings Worksheet (134K)

Following the 3 rings analogy in the book, use this worksheet to plan your day or week and insure that there are quality acts in all 3 rings-not just one.

Work Rings Planning Guide (158K)

This sheet helps you more acutely focus on taking care of what is most important in your work circus. Determine areas of highest priority and plan the tasks that need to be included in your daily or weekly lineup. You can also highlight key performers needed to make these tasks successful.

1 Setting up the tent smaller.jpg