Realizations During A One Ring Intermission

I had the opportunity to spend some time with an old friend today. He was just beaming! He was always a positive guy, but today he seemed even more enthusiastic than ever. A few minutes into the conversation, one of the reasons for his new found zeal became clear-he had been on an intermission with one of his rings.

In July his position at a company had been cut. Out of work since that time, he had engaged in more quality time with his family and took more time for himself. He said that he had been spending so much time on work that he just didn't realize what he had been missing in the other areas of his life. He said, "After my time off from work, I look at people differently. I see what was lacking and have taken steps to find more fulfillment." Wow!!! All that, and he still doesn't have a job!

With his "work ring intermission" now almost over, he plans to keep many of these "new acts" in his lineup even after he returns to a regular work schedule.

What would an intermission reveal to you?