Pet Peeve Number 2 In The Office

The need for people in the office to "get their act together" when it comes to time management just got validated again based on an article on Yahoo.

A poll conducted by Harris Interactive found that the second biggest pet peeve (54% of respondents) in the office was poor time management of employees such as making personal phone calls at work or surfing the internet during work time. The top seven list was as follows:

  • Gossip (60%)
  • Poor time management (54%)
  • Messiness in communal spaces (45%)
  • Potent smells like perfume, food, smoke (42%)
  • Loud noises such as speaker phones, loud talking or loud phone ring tones (41%)
  • Overuse of electronic personal communications devices in meetings (28%)
  • Misuse of e-mail (22%)

Who do you know in your office that needs to hear the message of Juggling Elephants?