And The World Record Was Not Beaten

To celebrate Domino Day in November, a group of people from 12 european countries (Domino World Record Bid Falls Over) worked eight hours a day, five days a week for eight weeks putting together what they hoped would be a domino world record. Over 3 million dominoes fell during a two hour period, but the record was not broken when the dominoes on a bridge did not fall correctly to continue the process. I saw the video and it was painful!!! While there were literally miles of dominoes set correctly, the section that failed was about 1 foot long-Over 320 man hours of work lost due to an area that would have taken about 10-15 minutes to prepare correctly.

To see the dominoes falling so perfectly only to have a single line about a foot long not work correctly highlights one of the key principles from Juggling Elephants. In the circus, every performer must be fully engaged in an act or the act will fail-or fail to get a standing ovation.

Think about the acts you have planned for the end of the year or to start 2008. Have you got all the performers properly engaged? Do they have the resources they need to be successful? If not, all your hard work may not be enough to "keep the dominoes falling correctly into place."

Jones LoflinComment