Jay Leno-The Trapeze Artist

Jay Leno may not be an actual trapeze artist, but he can certainly relate to the following quote from Juggling Elephants about the trapeze act: Every team member is important and has to be fully engaged if the act is to be successful.

On The Tonight Show last week, Leno made the following statement: I've been working with these people for 20 years. Without them, I'm not funny. I'm a dead man. His comment was in response to the Writer's Guild strike. These writers are not the stars of the show. They are pretty much invisible to most people. Their job, however, is essential to the success of stars like Jay Leno and others. They write the material that makes them look good-and Leno recognizes their value.
Who are the performers in your circus who might need to be "thanked" or shown some additional appreciation today? You might want to take action BEFORE they decide to go on "strike" and paralyze one or more of the acts in your circus.

Jones LoflinComment