Keeping It Real

Here's a recent response from a reader of Juggling Elephants:

I just wanted to say that this book could very well have saved my life!! Pushing 50 (very old) new house, college , son getting married . The Best job I have EVER had and the walls are closing in. 2 days ago my Boss decided it was book report time. I have not finished a book since the 8th grade.The plan!! Pick out a self help book, read it, send him a copy and next sales meeting do a book report. (A BOOK REPORT AT MY AGE !!) I got lucky after 3 hours of looking through all the books that have been sent to me in the last 30 years. I found this one at Borders!! Sitting in a hotel room (the last 20 years this is my second home) thinking WHY do I have to read a book (Top numbers every year and making the CASH), I started to read . After I finished , I started to read again. Can this book be true?? I have heard all the motivation I can hear!! But this book is real!! True life stories and the circus?? All I can say is THANK YOU. If I had to read a book and go to the book store to find one, I am glad it was this one!!

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