Drive-Bys Are A Good Thing

Kip Tindell, CEO of The Container Store, is accused of doing "drive-bys." In fact, he does several of them each day. And he's not in jail either.

The drive-bys referred to here are "unscheduled interactions with others." []. Tindell says, "A lot of people try to keep their offices quiet, but I like to hear-and encourage-loudness and laughter."

One of the key quotes from Juggling Elephants is that People often need to laugh, relax and not take themselves so seriously. Tindell knows the importance of connecting with his employees on a regular, but often unscheduled basis. Many issues or situations won't wait until a regular weekly or monthly meeting. Someone might be bogged down in a complex project and just need a quick laugh or conversation to renew their energy.

His frequent "drive-bys" most likely improve morale and help his staff stay focused on the right tasks. Did I mention that the company has produced 15%-20% annual sales growth for over 25 years?

If you are responsible for the productivity of others, maybe a few "drive-bys" like these should be in your lineup today.