Found The Book By Accident

We received this feedback about the book yesterday:

Our students are all non-traditional students who are juggling work, school, family and personal lives. Somehow they have added a fourth ring to their already busy circuses. We were planning a celebration for them for Non-Traditional Student week in early November and came up with the juggling act and circus theme. I searched for a book or prize we could use and found your book Juggling Elephants. I ordered several copies immediately and just finished reading it.

Your book will be perfect for our busy students. I love the lighthearted analogy to a really serious issue. I think we have all struggled with finding the balance and many of us have tried most to the time management methods. They work but they are not always fun. Your approach with the ringmaster who must learn to choose only quality acts, create the line up, and move quickly from ring to ring offers us a fun way to remember to pay attention to what is important.

Keep those comments coming!