A Major Performance Tonight!

Today is recognized across the US as Family Day-A day to eat dinner with your children. According to CASA (Center for Addiction & Substance Abuse at Columbia University), research has consistently shown that children who eat dinner with their families at least 3 times per week are less likely to smoke, drink alcohol or use drugs.

That's not surprising. As a parent, the more time we spend in our "relationship ring" with our children, the more comfortable they are talking about any number of things. It's also a superb time for us to simply listen to them. I just spent the better part of 4 days with my 3 year old daughter and I can tell you that I have a much better understanding of her. Sure, I spend lots of time with my family members, but so often I am jumping from ring to ring instead of making my time with them the only act I am focused on at the moment.

May you bring a great performance into your relationship ring tonight-quality time with your family.

For more informaton on Family Day: http://www.casafamilyday.org/