Meeting ALL The Needs Of The Performers

In the Time Magazine article, "Fine Fast Food", Steve Ells, the founder of Chipotle Mexican Grill tells the story of his success. It's a great read about staying true to your purpose and always striving to improve.

The most telling quote about his success, to me, came near the end of the article. Ells writes, That's why we have been so successful. They [customers] have finally found a fast-food restaurant that has respect-for them, for their taste buds, for their sense of aesthetics, for service, for its employees and for its suppliers.

It's easy to discount some of the needs of the performers in our circus, whether it's at work or home. It takes a tremendous effort on our part and often sacrifice of some of our own needs-for a period of time to keep others fully engaged. As Ells shows in his article, however, the work can lead to a fantastic payoff for everyone. Ole'!