What's the Purpose of Having Purpose?

So, what is the big deal about defining your purpose, values and goals, mission statement or whatever you might call it? Well, we talk about that a lot in Juggling Elephants. Consider a few benefits:

  • With so much opportunity and so many options it is important to have a filter that will help you pick and choose between something that is good and something that is best. Especially when limited resources are involved like time and money.
  • When you reach a goal or when you are in line with your purpose you experience a sense of accomplishment. Some call it self-actualization or inner peace. Accomplishment gives you a reason to feel good.
  • Having a worthy goal or purpose to work towards can be inspiring and push us beyond what we would normally achieve. It can help us get up in the morning.
  • Purpose can help drive our focus and keep us pointed in the right direction. It can also expand our vision in what we can accomplish as we focus on a particular goal, activity or task.
  • As the old country song says, "You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything." It defines our quest. What we are willing to die for and what are we willing to let go because it really doesn't matter?

When was the last time you sat back and reviewed your purpose? Your goals? Do you have some type of mission statement? Does it need to be updated-or even created? Do it! Do it today, tonight or this week. Then be sure to review your purpose and goals regularly. As least weekly. You will see a difference if you do.

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