Where's Your Dressing Room?

I was recently traveling and had a long layover at an airport. I remembered that I had a coupon for one free visit to an airport club. One of those places you can step out of the hustle and noise of the airport and relax or work. I found the club and went inside. Wow! I could almost immediately feel my tension dropping. After finding a comfortable spot I got to work. My productivity was incredible. More than anything, I felt a new sense of focus and direction when I left the club and headed back into the airport concourse.

Reflecting on the experience, I thought about the idea of the dressing room. The place where performers go to prepare for their act. The great ones know proper preparation is critical to peak performance. Staying too close to the noise and chaos of set up can be distracting. Well-meaning people can also derail your mental focus. Too often I start my daily circus or an "act" without spending enough time in my dressing room. Ultimately, my performance suffers.

What could your dressing room be? A spot at home where you spend a few minutes preparing for your day? How about at work? Could it be a place where you can have a few moments of peace and quiet to prepare for your next act? That few moments of preparation could make all the difference.