The Go-Giver

I recently read The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann. I would highly recommend the book especially at this time in the world’s history. Without giving away the whole book the key "take away" for me was the important message of forgetting our self interests and putting others interest first. For me it is so easy to get caught up in my own little world and become consumed with what is happening to me and ignore those around me. The message is "Put others first and you will receive even more in return." It seems backwards but I believe it to be a correct principle.

I was told this story from a neighbor when I was growing up that illustrates this point very well. It was a cool Fall Saturday and my neighbor decided that he was going to clean out his garage. He dressed up in some old clothes (an army jacket and jeans) and pulled down all the boxes in the rafters. While going through the boxes, he found a coat that was in really good shape. After finishing with the garage, he decided to jump in his car and drive down to the homeless shelter and donate the coat. He dropped off the coat at the shelter and as he was walking back to his car someone approached him with a bag of groceries. The person said, "You really look like you need these groceries." (Remember, he had been working in the garage all day, was dirty and wearing old clothes). The person handed my neighbor the food and walked away. It so caught him off guard that he couldn't think fast enough to get the words out to explain that he was not in need. He could only think to say, "Thank you!" to the person who was now halfway down the street. He turned around, walked back to the shelter and found someone that needed the groceries. But this time as he walked back to his car he had a lump in his throat as he thought about the kindness that he had been shown.

Stop and talk with a neighbor who is working in their yard, read a book to a child, be a "general manager" and consider the specific needs of those around you. Volunteer on a regular basis, turn off the TV and talk with your family, pick a charity to donate to every month (even if it is $5). Be a giver, not someone who is always taking.