Outside The Tent

As full holiday mode quickly approaches, you may be "wishing" things were different. You wish you could offer more gifts to your family. You wish you could have a bigger holiday celebration at work. You wish you could give those around you some uplifting news in these uncertain times. In circus terms, you are "outside the tent." Dwelling on these wishes distracts you from the performance that needs to be completed-Now!

The next time you catch yourself "wishing" ask yourself, "But what can I do now?" Some examples might be:

  • Give your family the gift of quality time. Turn off your mobile phone, let the answering machine get any incoming calls, refrain from checking e mails and spend your time mentally and physically focused on them.
  • For your employees, take a more personal approach. If you work in a small department, take two or three people to lunch each day. Engage them in enjoyable conversation where you can give them your undivided attention. Reflect on their achievements during the year. Celebrate them.

Knute Rockne, one of the greatest football coaches of the 20th century, had a quote we would all do well to remember when we are "wishing:"

Do not let what you can not do get in the way of what you CAN do.