Lawrence Tynes Is A Super Bowl Winner

Lawrence Tynes is clear about the purpose of his circus, and he knows how to prioritize the acts in his lineup. He bases much of his lineup on two things-family, then football. In that order.

Tynes is the kicker for the New York Giants, who will face the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl on Sunday. He had worked extremely hard to build his career in two foreign football leagues and the Kansas City Chiefs prior to signing with the NY Giants for the 2007 season. The Summer would be a critical time for him to practice, preparing for his first training camp with the Giants. Truly a chance of a lifetime.

At about the same time, his wife Amanda was suffering through a difficult pregnancy that required her to be hospitalized. Her condition caused vomiting as many as 20 times per day. Tynes faithfully stayed by her side, even though he really should have been practicing to be prepared for training camp. One day she asked him, "Do you want to kick today?," knowing that his lack of practice could doom the career he had worked so hard to build. His response was amazing. He said, "I'll worry about that when the time comes. This [being with her] is my priority now. Everything will work out. I have faith that it will." Spoken like a true ringmaster who knows his circus.

His circus didn't go smoothly. His two boys were born with breathing problems and had to be hospitalized. Tynes struggled at training camp and the coaches even tried out other kickers, but Tynes kept working on his skills and insists that he was never worried. Even in the NFC Championship game he missed a last minute field goal that could have put the Giants ahead. He would get another chance in overtime. Facing a daunting 47 yard field goal in wind and bitter cold, Tynes headed onto the field even before the coach called the play. Wow-what confidence! A few seconds later, his kick was perfect, and the Giants were on their way to the Super Bowl.

On Sunday, his wife and two 6 month old boys will watch him perform in his "work ring." No doubt after the game is over, Lawrence Tynes will quickly return to his "relationship ring" and score a winning performance there as well.

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