The Ringmaster As A Parent

Kelly Ripa is a busy mom. While she is currently the co-host of the popular morning show, Live with Regis & Kelly, she has also pulled triple duty as a star on a soap opera and a sitcom. With that kind of schedule it would be easy to be overwhelmed, especially when you add the roles of mother and spouse.

How does she keep her wits about her as a parent? Here's one of her comments from a recent issue of WebMd Magazine:
Basically, it's my philosophy that doing the easy thing in the short term makes it harder for parents in the long run. Giving in when you want to say 'no' quiets things down momentarily, but you'll just have more of the same-and then some-down the road," says Ripa. "I'm big on letting my kids know exactly what to expect. I think children are consistency junkies; they need schedules and parameters, and it's up to us to provide them."

In other words, Be the ringmaster by acting with purpose and staying with the lineup you know will bring the desired results. Read the entire article at: