Goodbye Tim Russert

I am a big Tim Russert fan. Like many people I was saddened by his early death. I spent some time watching the news and MSNBC as they paid tribute to this wonderful man. What has really impressed me were the consistent comments from a variety of people interviewed stating that Tim knew how to have a balanced "circus."

He was a very successful journalist but time and time again there were stories on how he slipped out to meet his son Luke for a ball game or left early just to be home when his son arrived home from school. Stories of his devotion to taking care of his father, his great relationships with those he worked with and his attention to his religious faith. It seems to me Tim Russert knew the purpose of his circus and focused on what really mattered to him. He worked hard but didn't let that get in the way of his "other rings." I saw separate interviews from Matt Lauer and Maria Shriver and both mentioned advice that Tim had given them individually on the importance of family and taking care of the family along with career. He was a tough, hard hitting journalist but he showed people that he cared for them individually.

As I personally struggle with "getting it all done," I appreciate examples of people like Mr. Russert who, with their silent actions say, "It is OK to make a stand and be the ringmaster of my circus. I am leaving work early today to catch a ball game with my son!" They take care of the important and the rest takes care of itself. We send our best wishes out to the family and friends of Tim Russert. He will be greatly missed.