Planning for A Summer "Intermission"

With the struggling economy and increased expectations in the workplace, I have found that several people I know are not taking a vacation from work this Summer. Even if they are, their plans often sound like a rushed retreat that will result in them being more tired and less motivated than when they left.

I found an intriguing article about the need to take a break from work:
Recession Fears Threaten Worker's Vacation Plans

The authors, Milo and Thuy Sindell, give the following fantastic rationale for taking time off from work: You are not helpful to the company and your coworkers when you are not operating at full capacity. Vacations help you to get rejuvenated to come back to work at full capacity.

They also give excellent tips on saving on the cost of a vacation and on insuring that work continues in the office while you are absent. Check it out before you check out this Summer!