Turn Right Into A Better Lineup

Turning right instead of left. It might not seem like a big idea, but for UPS, it saves about 3 million gallons of fuel per year, as the software used to calculate their routes sets routes up with mostly right turns. Limiting left turns also increases the time efficiency of their routes because so often when you are turning left, you have to wait for a light to turn green or until traffic allows you the opportunity to make the turn. You can see the live report by clicking here. Need more proof of the value of this strategy? According to UPS officials, they would need an additional 1000 trucks to complete the routes without the calculated, efficient routing. WOW!

After hearing of UPS' great find, I started thinking about my own daily "lineup." What "left turns" do I need to limit in order to be more productive with my day? Here are a few that come to mind:

  • Turn off my e mail notifications or close my e mail program so I can better focus on a high mental tasks without being interrupted.
  • Move to a less interruption prone area to better focus on key tasks.
  • Move the tasks I really like to do to later in the day, making them a reward for getting the less enjoyable tasks done.
  • Educate family and friends about my work schedule and that I will check voice mail and e mail at 9 AM, Noon, 3 PM and before leaving the office.
  • Insure that my employees have the resources they need to make as many decisions as possible on their own and minimize their need to get my approval for minor decisions.

While these ideas may not give me a monumental amount of increased productivity on a daily basis, over a year they could make a huge difference. Just ask UPS.