A Standing Ovation from Another Ringmaster

While you definitely need to be the ringmaster of your circus, the person you report to at work would also be considered a ringmaster. They are charged with the responsibility of making sure the acts within the organization and/or department run smoothly, and that the performers are functioning with a high degree of success.

Margaret Steen gives some sound advice on making sure you stay on your boss's "Top Performer" list. She highlights 10 habits we need to develop in her article, 10 Habits That Bosses Love. Some of the key ones include:

  • Anticipate the boss's needs. Like you, their lineup is full of acts, and if you make their life easier, it's usually appreciated.
  • Think one level up. You need to do your job, but also try to take on the mindset of the person above you. What do things look like from their perspective?
  • Be engaged in your work. Offer ideas for improvement instead of just "doing your job." Within reason, don't be afraid to challenge the status quo when you deem necessary.
  • Learn the boss's pet peeves-and avoid committing them.