Persimmons and Changing Our Lineup

Last Friday afternoon I was preparing for a ritual that takes place in the southeastern US every September and October-I was preparing to make a persimmon pudding. For those of you persimmon-challenged, the persimmon is a unique fruit that ripens each Fall, dropping to the ground. Each fruit has multiple seeds that many times occupy a higher percentage of the fruit than the "pulp" which is used for making the pudding or cakes.

The process is not an easy one. After gathering about a gallon of the orange fruit, you must mechanically separate the pulp from the seeds, follow a somewhat involved recipe and then bake for over an hour. And my 4 year old was helping. As I looked at all the items on the counter to make the dessert I asked myself, "Is it really worth the effort?" While I wasn't sure, I trudged ahead.

About 3 hours later my family and I were all sitting around the table, enjoying the "fruits" of my labor (and that of my 4 year old). It was delicious. Worth the effort? You bet.

Isn't the same true with many of us when it comes to making a change in our lineup? It IS alot of work to change your attitude, work routine or deeply ingrained habits. Many people say it just isn't worth it. For those few that do make the effort however, there is nothing sweeter than the taste of success.

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