The Phrase That Irks

Good customer service is a rarity in today's business world-and we are quite surprised and pleased when we DO receive exemplary service. In fact, providing excellent customer service is probably one of the most overlooked business practices of many companies and organizations. And I have some advice for those who want to immediately improve their service to the customer (whether internal or external)... it's a huge one... stop saying "No problem."

There have been so many instances when I have received a product or service and when I say "Thank you" the response of the other person has been "No problem." Well, glad I didn't inconvenience them too much. Last time I checked, I paid for the product or service. Imagine being at the circus and at the end of the performance the ringmaster says, "It has been no problem to have you join us tonight." Just doesn't quite fit.

One of my favorite fast food restaurants has my undying commitment. When I get my order and say "Thanks" their response is ALWAYS something like, "My pleasure to serve you." I know they get paid to say it and they may not genuinely mean it, but the psychology behind it is incredible. It reminds the provider who the spotlight should be on-the customer.

Even on a personal level when doing a favor for a friend or a task for a family member, it helps to get rid of the "no problem" phrase. Let them know you are happy to do it because of what they mean to you. Find a positive way to respond instead of a less negative one.

In this current economic slowdown, any competitive advantage is essential to survival. One advantage may be remembering just how important good service is to the customer-and reminding them how much you appreciate their business. Failure to do so may actually create a "problem."

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