The Time To Improve Your Circus

A slumping economy has been affecting corporate America for some time now. The impact on communities and cities as a whole, however, is just now beginning to take shape. A recent article in the New York Times, however, highlighted a city that seems to be insulated from many of the challenges facing other areas. In the article, For Pittsburgh, There's Life After Steel, several reasons are given for their ability to withstand the negative impact on so many other communities.

The sentence that was most telling was this: Pittsburgh had the luxury of reshaping itself while the rest of the United States economy was relatively strong. It goes back to that old adage, "The time to change is when things are good." Whether it's a corporation, community or a household, those entities that are constantly analyzing their surroundings (i.e. being good ringmasters) and making changes proactively instead of reactively fare better in the difficult times. Many saw this impending crisis developing, but did little to prepare for it or modify business practices, budgets or even family spending habits.

So, if your circus is struggling now, commit yourself to continuous improvement so you can insulate yourself from future downturns that will certainly come. If you are experiencing only minor discomfort during this crisis due to your forethought and progressive action-bravo! Along with Pittsburgh, thanks for being an example for the rest of us.