Giving Thanks

As Thanksgiving approaches, it's a perfect time to reflect on those individuals in your circus who have helped you get your most important tasks done at work and in other areas of your life. To help you identify those most critical performers, we will use the four acts of the circus discussed in Juggling Elephants:

  • Trapeze Act. Who are those teams that often work in the background taking care of things for you? Co-workers, vendors, family or friends. Whose "small act" has made a major impact on the success of your circus this past year? Who as an individual has worked effectively as a member of your team?
  • Animal Trainer. Who are those individuals who have improved their performance this year and need to be rewarded and/or acknowledged in some way? Are there people you have coached/trained/led this year who need the feedback that you have noticed their improvement? Remember that the only way to insure that positive behaviors continue is to continue to provide positive reinforcement for those behaviors.
  • General Manager. Who have you noticed being in tune with meeting the needs of others so they could get their work accomplished? What managers need to be thanked for their ability to bring out the best in their team members?
  • Clown. Are there people around you who just seem to know how to get people to laugh, relax and enjoy a less than serious moment? In these uncertain times it is truly a benefit to have such people in your circus. Thank them for their presence in your lineup.

Gratitude can be shown in so many ways. A handshake with a smile and two words: “Thank You.” A handwritten card is a powerful yet simple way to convey your message in this electronic world. How about a three-five minute one-on-one conversation. And yes, a well-thought out gift that is personalized can show your appreciation in a sincere way.

We at Juggling Elephants want to thank those who support us in our endeavors. We appreciate those who have carried the message to their organizations and to you the individual who continually strives to “get it all done." Thank you from all of us!