How's Your Focus?

We hear so often that people are unable to focus on their most important things. In fact, it seems to be the goal of the distracted, distraught and disgusted who are tired of always "juggling elephants."

A few weeks ago I came across this quote from Dr. David Jeremiah that speaks to the importance of focus:
'Take a good hard look.' In other words, focus. In optics, focus is the point toward which light rays converge. In geometry, it's a special point used in describing conic sections. When we concentrate our attention, we are focusing. When we do it with others in an organized way, we're in a focus group. The Navy has a missile named Focus, and Ford has a car by the same name. In sports, lack of focus is often the reason given for defeat; and players in a slump try to regain their focus. When we take a blurred picture, it's because we didn't focus the camera on the right object.

In a few days most of us will be reminded of the power of focus. We will stop (or at least minimize) the number of acts in our work ring and focus (there's that word again) on our relationship ring and our self ring. What could you glean from those experiences to help you better focus (promise-last time) at work when your "holiday intermission" is over?

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