NSDC Conference Exhibit

This week we exhibited at the NSDC (National Staff Development Council) Conference in St. Louis, MO. Participants were individuals from schools and school districts who plan professional development for their teachers, administrators and support staff. With options ranging from book club discussions to our train the trainer program to live trainers and speakers, we have an option to fit even the smallest school budget.

Time and time again as people would approach the booth they would immediately say, Juggling Elephants?!....... "That's what it feels like for our staff!"

Like corporate environments, the education climate continues to place increasing demands on it's people. Some of the "elephants" educators are dealing with include:

  • Increasing student test scores with decreasing resources to accomplish it.
  • Distracted students who can't stay focused on subject matter.
  • Parents who are already juggling elephants and often offer little or no assistance to their children at home.
  • Finding time for themselves when they are giving so much of their time and energy to be an effective educator or administrator.

If you have not done so recently, thank a teacher, principal or someone who works to support the activities of a school. They definitely don't get enough standing ovations from those of us in the audience.