Will They Bring Your Circus Down?

There was a news report recently of a paratrooper who had a harrowing training experience. In one of his first parachute training exercises, the trainer strapped to him died of a heart attack. The soldier saw all kinds of potential dangers lurking below him-houses, power lines, etc. The solider said he was able to safely land using techniques he had seen on television and the movies. Sadly enough, one death could have created two.

It brought to mind a similar situation that happens in an organization. An employee (performer) takes unnecessary risks or improper actions. Maybe they unexpectedly leave for another job. Retirement or even death might be the reason for their departure. You or your department were depending on them to help guide things in the right direction... and now they're gone. What will you do now?

Today, before you "jump" into your lineup it might be a good idea to:

  • Review the key performers in your work circus. Do you have a contingency plan in the event they were no longer there-or simply out for a period of time?
  • Ask yourself, "What have I done to cross train employees so we could keep things moving in the absence of other performers?
  • Reflect on your role as a "general manager of the circus," meeting the needs of others so they will remain as a strong supportive performer in your lineup.

The soldier never dreamed he would face such an uncertain situation. Thankfully, he had the ability to avoid disaster. What about you?