Minimizing Mistakes In Our Lineup

Make a mistake today? Okay so you made more than one. You're normal. But have you ever thought about WHY you make those mistakes? If you have, get the book, Why We Make Mistakes, by Joseph T. Hallinan. In his book he offers well-researched and studied reasons why we aren't always perfect with our words and actions. One that made me chuckle was "When we multitask, we get stupid."

Not to leave us wallowing in our errors, he gives 8 simple ways to minimize our errors. Get the book to get the full list, but a couple key ones are:

  • Think small. Don't overlook details.
  • Think negatively. Always looking at things positively can blind you to possible problems. Thinking negatively helps you prepare for them.
  • Slow down. Multitasking may put more things in process, but focusing on one task at a time is actually a more efficient use of your physical and mental resources.
  • Get more sleep. Simply put by the author, "Sleepy people make more mistakes."