What's Driving Your Lineup?

Time magazine has a regular feature called "Postcard________." The March 2nd issue was entitled, Postcard: Beijing. The article discussed China's tough approach to those suffering with internet addiction.

The part of the article that caught my attention was a quote in the 3rd paragraph from the US Center for Internet Addiction Recovery. They classified internet addiction as "Behavior in which the Internet becomes the organizing principle of addicts' lives." Organizing principle... meaning their thoughts and actions were all organized to maximize their ability to be engaged with the Internet.

That got me to thinking. What if we tweaked the phrase a little to evaluate our own situations and our "organizing principles" to see what is most impacting our thoughts and actions? It might then read, "___________________ is the organizing principle of my day (or week or month or life). Taking a moment to reflect on our honest answer(s) might be helpful in determining if we are acting based on purpose.... or something less healthy.