Becoming A Ringmaster Can Be Unhealthy

British researchers have found that getting a promotion actually deteriorates the mental health of the person being promoted-and it goes beyond the simple effect of changing job responsibilities. The study also found that these same people as a group visited the doctor 20% less than when in their previous positions.

Do you see the irony here? They took a job that had a negative effect on their stress level-but did less to take care of themselves to better manage the increased stress. While the study measured mental stress, we know how interrelated mental stress is to physical health.

Let's return to the circus for a moment. The faster the pace of a circus, the more critical it is to make sure that all processes are in good working order. Performers well trained, props in place, animals well-fed. Failure to take those steps means that something is more likely to break down in the lineup-and in a fast paced environment the effects are multiplied.

If you are in a high stress position, don't deny the necessity of making sure ALL your rings are in good working order. Fail to take the time for the important things, and many times the important things will take the time from you when you least expect it.