I get the book...now

I talked with a business associate last week who was so excited about Juggling Elephants. It was ironic because when he first received a copy of the book he was lukewarm to the strategies after reading it. So I asked him, "Why are you connecting so much more with the message now than when you first read the book?" His response was, "When I first read Juggling Elephants I was in a comfortable job and my wife did not work outside the home. My life was running smoothly. Now I am in a new job requiring a steep learning curve, my wife is working part-time and all of our children are in school. I am definitely juggling elephants in more than one area of my life."

His comments reflect similar experiences for me. There have been times I read a book, listened to a speaker or got a piece of advice that just didn't seem to fit the "season" of my work or life. Later, I found that information/advice to be of tremendous value when my circumstances had changed in some way.

What book might be of value for you to read again to gain new insights for your work or life?