What Can You Cut Out?

With an already busy schedule, it is often difficult to include the New Year's Resolutions that we want to add to our lineups. Adding just one more thing to an already busy schedule can add stress and frustration. So, as you consider what you want to add to next year's performance you should also consider what you want to remove.

Think about this quote by Jack Welch: If someone tells me, 'I'm working ninety hours a week,' I say, 'You're doing something terribly wrong. I go skiing on the weekend. I go out on Friday. Make a list of twenty things that make you work ninety hours, and ten of them have to be nonsense.'

Try Jack Welch's recommendation. Make a list of twenty things that make you work long hours. What ten things can you move out of your lineup? How about in your personal life? What activities need to be removed? It's like getting new clothes for Christmas when you already have a crowded closet. It is time to throw the stuff out that you don’t wear or that is out of style to make room for the new clothes.

Now is a good time to make room for your New Year’s Resolutions.