The Elephants Have Escaped

Nothing brightens our day more than getting feedback about how people are using the strategies from Juggling Elephants to improve their life in some way. The following anecdote we received last week had us laughing and also applauding the couple who gave us an interesting visual of their circus. They wrote:

My husband and I are trying to live by the principles of Juggling Elephants. We are having almost daily conversations about the acts in our rings. He has made a commitment to his self ring (something he, too, has neglected for quite a while). When I asked him how his circus was going one day this week, he responded by saying, "The elephants have torn down the tent and are running amuck down Main Street!" He was dead serious. His work ring was way out of control that day and he visualized it and verbalized it to me by the destruction of the circus!!! Poor elephants. We both had a hearty laugh and moved on to a discuss how he could "herd those elephants" back into the circus and how he could reconstruct the tent.

Bravo! You both get a standing ovation from us. We welcome any comments you have about your experience with the book. E mail us and let us know how your circus is going.