Do You Need Glasses?

The word of the week is "myopic." There are a few different dictionary definitions for myopic. One definition is tied to ophthalmology: Pertaining to having myopia; or being nearsighted. The definition to focus on (pun intended) is that of "being unable or unwilling to act prudently; shortsighted."

When someone is caught up in what we call the "juggling elephants routine" it is very easy to be shortsighted (synonyms: short-term, short range, thoughtless and unthinking). The reason being is that you are so busy checking things off of your to do list and trying to get caught up that you don’t even think if the stuff that you are doing is the right stuff that you should be doing. This myopic routine is all about the here and now, being reactive, shooting from the hip and putting out fires. It is not about whether or not you are acting prudently and focusing on what matters most or what will bring the most desired outcome.

Is it time to get your vision corrected so that you can see into the distance and plan today’s tasks accordingly? If you are not being strategic about the things that you do you will be looking at achievements that are empty and that come at the expenses of things that are of greater value. Can you see?