Enough With The Drama!

Remember going to the circus and the ringmaster saying, "And now... our star will attempt something that has never been done...." and they complete the stunt or feat. We know the drama is not as big as the Ringmaster is making it out to be, but we get caught in the emotion of the moment.

We see so many people who are like that Ringmaster. They are building an over sized sense of drama about their work situation, financial condition or even a relationship. Don't misunderstand us. Things are tough for many people and the pains are real. But many people need to conduct a reality check of their situation and keep things in perspective. Here are some ways to start that reality check and to start creating a lineup that will take you to a better place.

  • Challenge rationalizations. Don't let yourself off the hook with thoughts like, "Everybody is dealing with the same issues" or "I need this for..." or "I can't change because..." Be honest with yourself and determine what's the truth and what you simply don't want to change.
  • Force new options. So often we see our choices as either A or B. But is there another option that might be even better? Don't hold back because of the change in behavior, attitude or comfort the new option might require. Give the new option time to grow in your mind.
  • Look long term. When driving, we are taught to look ahead 10-15 seconds (think city block) to prepare for what is coming. Reflect on your current decisions and actions and see if they are preparing you for "what's coming" or if they are just setting you up for greater pain, loss or frustration in the future.