Sentaku to Shuchu

While reading the online article, Defiantly, Panasonic Pushes A Vast Catalog, I came across an interesting phrase: Sentaku to Shuchu, which means "choose and focus." The phrase was used in respect to what major Japanese electronic companies like Panasonic, Sony and Toshiba need to do to stay competitive. Atul Goyal, one of the people interviewed in the article states, These companies need to think: what are their strengths, what are their weaknesses, and focus on their core strengths. Sounds like good advice for organizations OR individuals struggling with too much to do.

For the electronic companies, the advice is that they need to choose the products on which they can best produce and compete, and then focus on making them successful. The article regularly cites Apple, which in the electronics world, is everyone's icon of "Sentaku to Shuchu."

What about you? As you look at your potential task list today and the "acts" that could be part of your lineup, how will you choose which ones will get completed? Will you just create a "vast catalog" of mediocre acts? Or will you choose ones that will accomplish your highest values and goals? And what will you do to create an atmosphere where you can focus on creating the best outcomes possible with these acts?