Lucky Preparation

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." What a powerful quote! Read the quote over again. Do you believe it? If you do, consider the question: "What kind of luck are you preparing for?"

Another quote comes to mind: "Don't wait for your ship to come in-swim out to meet it."

I have a friend who lost his job over a year ago. He is extremely talented and should have had no trouble finding a job. Unfortunately, he allowed himself to gain a substantial amount of weight and added some facial hair (not that there's anything wrong with facial hair-but it does have a different effect on the appearance of someone). I can just see some prospective employer failing to see beyond appearances and missing the chance to hire a fantastic employee. On the other hand, this person is definitely not taking the right opportunities to present himself in the best light possible.

It is critical to prepare for when the right opportunity comes along. Your preparation should be a conscious, daily labor. If not, the danger is that the right opportunity comes along and we are not prepared. Get ready!!