A No Excuses Circus

Imagine you are leaving a circus performance and the circus has placed some of their staff at each exit. As they walk by you hear things like:

  • Thanks for coming. Sorry the elephants didn't perform as well as they normally do.
  • Glad you were here. Maybe next time the trapeze team will actually have its act together.
  • Please come back. Even though the popcorn was not as fresh as it should have been. We'll do better next time.

It would immediately dampen your enjoyment of the event and possibly make you question what else you may have missed during the performance. Ultimately you would not have been pleased.

Now, let's turn to your workplace. How many people say, "Here's the report. I was going to..... but I didn't have time." Or, "It's done-but it's not as good as I would like for it to be." You may have been guilty of it as well. I know I do it on occasion as well.

If you find yourself constantly offering excuses for why something is not of the quality it should be, maybe that's an indication that something needs to change. You're juggling elephants, and one is thrilled with that performance. If you are content to crank out mediocre results, stay the course. But if you really want to get a standing ovation from others and yourself, start doing things differently. Use the 3 D technique more often (Delegate, Delete, Delay) when you are overwhelmed. Question how any task you choose to undertake will help you accomplish your purpose. Take greater accountability for what you do-and don't do.

Resolve now to complete more quality acts in your circus-more often. Most people like their performances given without excuses.

Jones LoflinComment