Stop Delaying The Act!

An amazing act in your circus is about to spill out into one of your rings. The audience is cheering loudly in anticipation and the performers are thrilled to be part of the act. But nothing is happening.... Why? The ringmaster won't allow the act to start. What a shame.

You have probably done something very similar in the past-It's called procrastination. The next time you find yourself standing in the way of a great act in your lineup, try these tips:

  • Let the positive emotion coming from your "audience" or "performers" move you forward. The best leaders understand the need to engage both their head AND their heart in their work.

  • Ask yourself, "What's the worst thing that can happen if the act fails?" Most of the time the consequences are much smaller than we have made them out to be.

  • Picture the value of completing the act. Imagine how you would feel. Think about the response of the audience when the act is over.

  • Take one step toward completing the task. The momentum will propel you forward and you may find yourself all the way into the "ring" more quickly than you ever dreamed.