Being the Ringmaster of Your Traveling Circus

USA Today recently had an article entitled Tips to Take Stress Out of Big City Trips. While the focus was on business travel to big cities, it had some good strategies for anyone who has to travel out of town for business. They include (with the correlating ideas from Juggling Elephants):

  • The bigger the city, the more you have to think through every step of the trip. (The more complex your circus performance, the more you need to pay attention to every detail)
  • When traveling by car in a big city, hire a driver or use the same taxi driver each time. (Delegate a less critical task to someone so you can focus on a more critical task)
  • Reduce pre-trip stress while at home. (Take an intermission before you get ready for your "next-half" so you can be more focused and prepared).

The article offers other suggestions-all leading to a traveling circus that gets more standing ovations from your clients... and yourself.