Time Management Advice From Someone in India

We received an interesting comment about Juggling Elephants from a man in India. He was reflecting on the value of the book and said, "In today's world, children should be introduced to books like these like they are to computers." At the risk of sounding self-serving, we agree.

When families are more time crunched than ever, it only stands to reason that the time available to children to complete their homework, practice a musical instrument or participate in sports and have time to engage in leisure activities is reduced. They don't (and shouldn't) have the complex schedule of an adult, but understanding the need to maximize the use of their time is important if they are going to have more time available to, well... be a kid.

If you want to teach your child some basic concepts on how to manage time based on Juggling Elephants, get out three hula hoops and visually show them the need to spend time in each ring-and the consequences if they don't. Or, grab some sidewalk chalk and draw the rings on a sidewalk or driveway (get permission first). Introduce them to the idea of being the one in control of some of their choices-of being the ringmaster.

Like our friend from Mumbai said, it's a skill that is just too important to overlook.