An Inspiring View

We recently had the great opportunity to have dinner with one of the most successful business book authors of all time. The restaurant was located on a beach in Southern California. After dinner we were walking along the shoreline and he pointed out that one of his first offices was located just down the street, on a point overlooking the ocean. I semi-jokingly made the comment that if I had an office like that, I wouldn't be able to get anything done because I would be too busy enjoying the beauty of the view. He then shared a very interesting thought with us.

He said that when he works in an environment that has good views and that is inspiring to him that he actually thinks bigger, is less constrained and is more productive. He went on to explain that to him, his physical surroundings made a big difference to the quality and substance of what he accomplished.

Where do you do your best work? We might not have a view of the ocean from your desk. Some of us might be staring at cubicle walls most of the day. But consider the notion that wherever you choose to do what you do can influence you. Do what you can to create an environment that is condusive and inspiring. You might start with hanging some pictures or quotes that have meaning to you. Maybe a fresh coat of paint will make a difference. At the very least remove clutter from your desk and surroundings that can distract and even overwhelm you. Choose to be inspired and motivated to do your very best work by creating the proper environment.