Planned or Spontaneous Praise

It seems that planned praise, especially when it is an agenda item, is so much easier to execute. But, is it the most effective? Storing up recognition for the "right moment" or for when you have a scheduled meeting to take care of it can remove the opportunity to catch someone off guard and truly express your feelings of gratitude.

Don't wait for the awards banquet, don't wait for the annual review, don't wait until you are at your daughter's wedding. Take the time now to say, "Thank you, I appreciate all that you do and have noticed your fine work you have done." Write a note, stop them in the hall or pick up the phone and make a quick call. There probably is someone on your mind right now that you know you should acknowledge - don't wait, don't hesitate, tell them now. This moment in time might be when THEY need to hear your appreciation the most.