Have you ever had a conversation with a young child and have them curiously ask you several times in a row the question, "Why?" If you can be patient with the exercise, you find that repeatedly asking, "Why?" results in getting to the root of the initial question.

Do you ever ask, "Why?" Have a conversation with yourself and ask the question, "Why?"

  • Why don't I write down my dreams and do something about them?

  • Why am I busy? Am I accomplishing what is important or am I just doing stuff?

  • Why do I plan my schedule at work but don't plan my life?

  • Why can't I get anything done?

  • Why do I focus so much time on my work and relationships and not on taking care of myself?

  • Why do I spend so much time dealing with email? Is it productive?

  • Why are we having this meeting?

  • Why don't I read more?

It is important to regularly stop, reflect and as yourself some questions that could change the course of your life. What distractions do you need to remove? Why?