When It's You Against The Performers

Ever have one of those days when you may be the Ringmaster of your circus... but nobody seems to want to be a performer in your circus? In an over-committed workplace and society, people are often wary of saying "yes" to one more thing, even if it's part of their responsibilities.

The next time you sense that some of your performers don't want to step into the ring, try these strategies to move them toward action:

  • Connect with purpose. Remind them of the purpose of the organization (or family unit) and how their action would contribute to accomplishing that purpose. Don't forget to also focus on what's important to them and how their action would contribute to accomplishing those purposes as well.
  • Tell them "why." Let them know why they are the best person for the task...but don't lie to them.
  • Create a picture. Help them visually understand who will be "cheering" for them and the team when the task is completed.
  • Let them know how it will benefit you. If you have built trust into your relationship with them, this may move them to action. If you haven't created an atmosphere of trust, disregard this one.
  • Get into the ring with them. Show them you are willing to do your part to contribute to the work required to complete the task or project.
Remember, no one wants to see a "one person" circus.