Is It Temporary?

A program participant came up after a keynote and said, "When I saw the three rings, I was immediately depressed." When I inquired as to why, she said, "Because it's my self ring that's being neglected." I immediately responded, "And will it still be that way in 30 days?" Her response was, "I don't know." I then replied, "Well, I think you have a good reason to be concerned."

As we have said many times in our blogs and in our programs, the circus is frequently unbalanced. There is more action in one ring than another and one ring may even be vacant. But look again in a few minutes and the ring that was vacant is now full of activity, while the others will have changed in intensity as well. When the performance is over, there will have been quality acts in all 3 rings.

If your circus is out of balance at the moment, don't panic. That's normal. But if it's been that way so long that the audience members around that ring (include yourself) are feeling neglected or frustrated, it's probably time to change your lineup. And if you can't quickly determine when the imbalance can change, you need an intermission to get yourself back on track.