One Of Most Visited Place On Our Training Midway

As you can imagine, one of the workplace distractions that gets the most attention from the participants is around the elephant of email. We are frequently amazed that people see the strategy of "Turning off email notification" or "set specific times to check email" as strong options in handling email. They are a beneficial step on the receiving side of email.

There are also practical steps we can take on the sending side of the equation to help manage the flow and improve response from others. They include:

  • If the message is short, put it in the subject line
  • Put deadlines in the subject line
  • Put action needed in the subject line. Include phrases like "FYI," "Action requested," "No reply needed" or even "Call after reading"
  • In the text, start with the action you want them to take-and when. The content following it should provide information to help them choose the course of action to take.

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