Who Is Watching You?

Watch a trapeze act and you most likely will see an individual or two out of the spotlight whose job it is to keep an eye on the rigging. They are to watch the safety lines, the high wire and any other mechanical elements of the equipment that could malfunction, and cause harm to the performers or to the audience.

In a similar way, who is watching out for you? Beyond your spouse or immediate family members, who is keeping an eye out to make sure you are performing at your highest level? They are the ones who notice when you are not following your normal routine or living out your priorities as you usually do. Their role, like that of the trapeze act, is critical because they can pull us back from danger (physical, mental, or financial) before we have done some real damage to ourselves or others.

If you don't have that type of support person or persons in your life, we suggest you start finding some to be part of your team. They could make a real difference in whether your circus gets the standing ovation you really want.