Who Will Save You?

Here's a question for you that we already know your answer. Don't believe us? Here goes...

In a trapeze act, who is the most important member of the team?

We would be willing to wager that you thought of one of the following answers:

  • The catcher
  • The person who puts up the net or rigging

How did we do? For over 6 years we have been doing Juggling Elephants training programs, and those are always the top two answers. Why? Because on some level you are putting yourself into the act and thinking-"This is who is important to me to keep me from failing!"

What if you applied that same reasoning to how you manage your time with others on a regular basis. Are you spending it with the people who have the strongest possibility of insuring that your acts are a success, or are you hanging out with certain team members because it is convenient or less threatening?

Always trying to hang out with the "star" of the show might get you in the spotlight for a moment, but unless you are absolutely positive you can perform the act on your own, you might want to build some strong relationships with those lesser known by the general audience.